About Me

Yes... Justinn, like the common boy name but with an extra "n".  This wasn't as cool in the 80's as it is now but I love how unique my name is! 

My love for photography was reignited after my daughter was born.  As a new mom I realized how quickly time goes by and the importance having images that can bring back the memories and moments. 

Fun Facts

1. As a native Texan y'all is a staple in my vocabulary 

2. Rescue dogs are my weakness.  I am a  proud "foster failure"

3. I LOVE cheesecake and I would choose the Costco version over homemade any day (sorry mom)

4. I actually enjoy running and have completed a few half marathons 

5. I think the instant pot is the greatest invention for mediocre cooks like me... gourmet meals that my toddler refuses to eat in 15 minutes or less!